Ha Noi – Hai Phong Expressway Project

Proposal opening ceremony - Packages EX4, EX5 under the Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway Project

On 31 May, 2010, at the Conference Room, VIT Tower, 4th Floor, 519 Kim Ma Str, Ha Noi, Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Finance Investment Joint Stock Company (VIDIFI., JSC) held the Proposal opening ceremony - Packages EX4 and EX5.

Package EX4 starts from station Km33+000 to Km48+000 (from Thai Duong commune, Binh Giang Dist to Phuong Hung commune, Gia Loc Dist, Hai Duong province). Package EX5 starts from station Km48+000 to Km63+300 (in Gia Loc and Tu Ky Districts, Hai Duong province). Both Packages EX4 and EX5 are under the Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway Project.

According to the approved plan, two Packages EX4 and EX5 are subject to direct contracting. PSJ, a.s. from Czech Republic is appointed to obtain the Request for Proposals and submit the Proposal Documents.

Some photos at the Ceremony:

le mo HSDX
The Employer’s representative to declare the opening

le mo HSDX
Checking the seals of the Proposal Documents

le mo HSDX
Opening the Proposal Documents


Kiểm tra niêm phong hồ sơ dự thầu

Map of VIDIFI office address

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