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Sports event in celebration of the 6th anniversary of VIDIFI

 On 7 September, 2013, Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Finance Investment Joint Stock Company (VIDIFI.,JSC) organised a Sports Event celebrating the National Day (2nd September) and the 6th anniversary of VIDIFI (06/9/2007-06/9/2013) in Thanh Xuan Dist. Stadium, My Dinh Stadium and MIC Stadium in Tu Liem Dist.

The Event aimed at promoting the staff’s spirit, sports and physical training movement, strengthening the relationship and solidarity among the staff in support of the 6th anniversary of the Company.

 The Event was attended by the leaders of VIDIFI and more than 200 competitors from the grassroots level Trade Unions of the Company, playing the games of football (men’s singles, mixed doubles), tennis (men’sdoubles), badminton (men’s doubles), table tennis and tug of war.


a/  Mixed doubles

- First prize:        Tang Van Dung – Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh

- Second prize:   Khuong Quoc Toan – Do Thi Thu Thao

- Third prize:      Luu Chi Cuong - Nguyen Kim Anh

b/  Men’s singles

- First prize:        Khuong Quoc Toan

- Second prize:   Pham Trung Thanh

- Third prize:      Ha Nam Thang - Luu Chi Cuong

 2. BADMINTON (men’s doubles)

- First prize:        Nguyen Van Huynh – Doan Viet ha

- Second prize:   Pham Van Bon – Nguyen Xuan Truong

- Third prize:      Vu Xuan Nghi – Nguyen Thanh Tung

                       Nguyen Duy Hinh – Vu Ngoc Thang

 3. TENNIS (men’s doubles)

- First prize:         Bui Chinh Bac – Le Xuan Tu

- Second prize:    Pham Viet Son – Do Van Thuan

- Third prize:       Nguyen Minh Hung – Vu Tuan Trung
                        Pham Anh Phong – Do Dinh Dinh


- First prize:        PMB1

- Second prize:  Finance and Accounting Dept – Legal-Internal Inspection Dept. – Planning and Investment Dept. – Cost Management Dept.

- Third prize:     PMB2 + VIDIFI Materials Company; Administration and Personnel Dept – Technical Dept. – Hanoi Projects Management Dept.


- First prize:           PMB1

- Second prize:      PMB2

- Third prize:         Administration and Personnel Dept; Planning and Investment Dept. – Cost Management Dept.

 Followings are some photos of the Event:

Football (photo: Doanvieth)

Table tennis – mixed doubles (photo: Doanvieth)

Table tennis – men’s singles (photo: Doanvieth)

Tennis (photo: Doanvieth; Vannt)

Badminton (photo: Vannt)

Tug of war (photo: Doanvieth)

Leaders of VIDIFI awarded the prizes (Photo: Doanvieth)

 The exciting event ended in success. All the competitors played enthusiastically with high team spirit. They helped to boost the relationship among the divisions and units of VIDIFI. This was also a good chance for all the staff of VIDIFI to show their strong will to make accomplishments in celebration of the 6th anniversary of VIDIFI./.


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